Week One: Will’s Stemulite Trial

So I am nearing the end of my first week on Stemulite and what a week its been. As promised last week I am going to continue to document all key things that I’ve felt/ not felt and what I’ve done in that week.

BEFORE Stemulite - my trial of the wonder supplement!

Those of you who read my previous post will remember that I said the only way that I can vouch for the results the Stemulite offers is by trying it for myself. Well yesterday I received my first shipment of the supplement and tomorrow (Saturday 20th September 2014) my trial begins.

I am going to document this trial to you on a weekly basis, including key information each day, to see my progress.

What IS Stemulite? My introduction to this wonder supplement.

OK, so I'd like to admit that I'm newly introduced to Stemulite, and that just a matter of weeks ago I had absolutely NO idea that it even existed. But since discovering it, I've become enamoured with it.


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