Stemulite Comings and Goings is continually on the move. We've been expanding our web presence keeping up with existing customers and dealing with problems that are associated with computers, yikes! Good thing we all here take our Stemulite for increased energy to keep on our toes and deal with the day-to-day here at

We hope you enjoyed our most recent e-mail. While the open rates were not so good it was by far one of our best e-mail programs we have sent to date.

Another New Stemulite Website Launch

The ever expanding web presence of the prolific line of Stemulite Fitness Formula Brand Products has launched yet another website at .

The new site is graphically impressive and information rich. While the site is not fully completed we felt this a good time to launch the beautiful new look and location.

The site is still under construction in many ways so please bare with us. Additions and modifications will occur on a regular basis, as web properties are really never finished.

Stemulite BOGO Picking up Steam

Hey everyone, thanks for the great response to our latest offer for new subscribers, we have been happy to send out so many free sets of Stemulite Fitness Formula.

In case you missed it, here is the link to the special offer that will be available until the end of the month.

Closing date on the offer will be midnight 02/28/12.


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