Eric Prince Masters 400m World Champion Endorses Stemulite


Eric Prince is the 400m Masters World Champion. This video shows Eric win the 200m dash on August 30, at the 2012 Olympic Trial in Eugene, Oregon. Stemulite Fitness Formula gave Eric an ADVANTAGE against a field that was not taking Stemulite.

NoX Pro is now my preferred NO product


I received the package from our last interaction. I know things got hectic with your supplier. Good lookin' out on the headphone attachments, they are super useful. NoX Pro is now my preferred NO product, so it was a good thing I tried it out. I've placed a auto ship order for the Daytime formula and think it's great as usual. Thank you for making things right.

Adam Pastor

Subject: Re: Order 4862
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2013 10:07:47 -0800

Hello Adam,

Stemulite Passes Any Drug Screen

We recently had a great question from a regular Stemulite user that is very timely. This individual was concerned that Stemulite might show up negatively in a drug screen this person had to submit to in order to get a new job.

I would paraphrase but nothing like the original communication will do it justice. Here is the entire email string with the senders email taken out of course:

Hello Jamee,


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