Tsunami Strike

Tsunami Strike Ingredients

6g - AAKG (l-arginine α-ketoglutarate): l-arginine has vasodilating properties. Not only does this help with a more intense "pump", but even more importantly, it can help get nutrients where they need to go and remove waste products from hard-working muscles. The key is to also supply those nutrients, which is what we've done! Not only that, but we've used a more effective form of l-arginine combined with α-ketoglutarate, a substrate that has shown anti-catabolic properties.

10.5g - BCAA (branched chain amino acids): BCAAs are the key amino acids that stimulate protein synthesis. They also help delay fatigue and improve glycogen resynthesis. When combined with carbs, like the Waxy Maize Starch we use, BCAAs have even better anabolic effects!

750mg - gliSODin®: Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is our "mother antioxidant". It helps defend against oxidative stress due to free radicals and supports the immune system through reduced inflammation. One of the side effects of Nitric Oxide (NOx) products is an increase in oxidative stress. Unfortunately, most NOx products ignore this. We've included a highly potent anti-oxidant right in our formulation to deal with the issue. This particular form of SOD, GliSODin®, is the first orally effective form of this important enzyme and has been found to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in humans.

3g - β-alanine: Along with histidine, β-alanine is one of the key components of carnosine – one of the primary buffering substances available in skeletal muscle. β-alanine increases carnosine levels and helps decrease fatigue by buffering lactate that is formed during intense exercise. This means more reps, more torque, increased training volume, improvements in body mass, performance and recovery.

30g -Waxy Maize Starch: This is an ultra high-molecular weight carbohydrate. Waxy Maize Starch is equally as potent in stimulating insulin as dextrose and maltodextrin, but is sugar-free! It also passes through the digestive tract faster than dextrose or maltodextrin and therefore does not cause any discomfort. As a bonus, Waxy Maize Starch acts like a pump and pulls nutrients along with it into the bloodstream and then into the muscles. On top of this, it provides the carbohydrates necessary to complete high-intensity training. You can't possibly perform at your best without this type of carbohydrates.

100mg - B6 (Pyridoxine) and 80mcg - B12 (Cyanocobalamin): B-Vitamins are essential for cellular energy production, manufacture of certain hormones and proteins, as well as maintenance of nerve structures and neurotransmitters. B6 plays a particularly vital role for regulating homocysteine levels in the body. In excess, homocysteine increases the risk of coronary heart disease. B12 is a coenzyme involved in the production of DNA and the neurotransmitter serotonin and may impact oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. These two B-vitamins work even better when taken together.

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Why do you use pyridoxine instead of more biavailable pyridoxamine B-6? Why do you use cyanocobalamin instead of methylcobalamin which is also more bioavailable in your formulation? Seem like that cheapens the quality of the product.
Also, how does this product engage or promote greater stem cell function? Or, is this claim just hype? What is the science behind your product and formulation? Why is it better at promoting muscle growth? Thx. Jerry

Tsunami Strike does not make any claims or suggestions about stem cell recruitment. If you look at the research behind each ingredient as well as the doses, the science becomes evident. Keep in mind that high intensity training can cause the proliferation of satellite cells and ergogenic aids that can facilitate greater training loads coupled with quicker recovery from that training will enhance the incorporation and effectiveness of those satellite cells. Recruitment of those satellite cells due to a supplement of any type is not at issue here.

Any compound containing pyridoxamine is considered a drug, not a dietary supplement. This is based on an FDA ruling in 2009. There's still a lot of controversy here.

As far as the B12 source, most of the Exercise literature of which I am aware that has examined B vitamins (as supplements) has used cyanocobalamin, not methylcobalamin. The concept of increased bioavailability has some theoretical support, but I am not aware of any studies that have shown this translates to different outcomes or that have established recommended doses of one vs the other in this case. As this product is based on RESEARCH, cyanocobalamin was the form of choice due to established quantities.

Can women use this product?

Hello AJ,

Absolutely. I think women could probably use a bit lower dose but yes, the female human body will react the same to Stemulite Tsunami Strike as a man.

Thank You for posting!


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