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New Stemulite website coming at .net

There will be a brand new Stemulite website that will be unveiled very soon We currently have a temporary website at that location HTTP://

We hope this will better serve you with an additional address for you to access your favorite Stemulite brand products to help serve your sports supplements needs.

This website will have current information on it at least on a weekly basis and will be used as a template occasionally for HTML based e-mails to current users within the system.

How do you take Stemulite?

We get this question a lot, just how do you take Stemulite and how much Stemulite Fitness Formula should I take?

Well, we have found that people under 200 pounds on a regular workout schedule really only need to take one daytime tablet in the morning and one nighttime tablet before bed. If you are over 200 pounds and have a heavy workout schedule then we should double the dose taking two daytime tablets in the morning and two nighttime tablets before bed.

Why is the FDA attacking dietary supplements?

Well, Congress will be back in session from their summer recess on September 8th. One of the things they will be considering when they reconvene is legislation brought forth to regulate and control dietary supplement distribution in our country. This includes some of the most basic common sports and fitness supplement compounds and if it is passed will have a resounding effect on availability and cost of nearly all supplements available in the market today.


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