Stemulite Working Very Well for Seniors

Stemulite Working Very Well for Seniors

We are receiving many calls and emails from seniors, or their children, letting us know that Stemulite Fitness Formula is working very, very well for them. In fact, many are even seeing so much benefit from the product that they are utilizing our various auto-ship programs.

The reports are glowing. By far the most common accolade is the better sleep they are experiencing without the use of prescription drugs and the incredible sense of well being. As you may know, the older you get, naturally occurring melatonin production from your body diminishes, so many older people can have difficulty falling and staying asleep.

The Seven components of Stemulite and the right amount of melatonin that is in the Stemulite Night Formula has proven to be an excellent sleep aid resulting in a rejuvenating deep sleep.

The Seniors that we have heard from also tout the energy and endurance benefits and definitely a better sense of well being. They say that they just feel and function better when using the product.

We are extremely pleased about this as it is tough enough getting older. We are so very excited for the many elderly people in the world that have found this product to help them feel better and lead more productive lives.

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Senior citizens would definitely appreciate smaller pills that are easier to swallow.
That's a great market to tap, but it won't work if your pills are too large.

Hello Jammin1,

Yes, we do hear that from time to time and we have tried some different coatings but they have not worked. We have toyed with the idea of making it into a caplet.

What do you think of that idea?

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