Received This Stemulite Customer Message Today

Received This Stemulite Customer Message Today

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This is an email exchange today with an existing Stemulite Customer. Thank You Patricia!

Matthew, I'm impressed . . . with your prompt response, your quick resolution! Very very impressed with you and your web site. Trust me, I do a lot of internet business and errors are hard to resolve, response is frequently very slow (especially on a weekend). I wish you great success in your business - you deserve it because you obviously go the extra mile! Kudos to you.


From: "Matthew Wagner"
To: corona4444@PRIVATE
Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2011 12:47:47 PM
Subject: Refund Made on the 16th

Hello Patricia,

Our system detected the overcharge immediately and refunded it on the 16th. So sorry for any inconvenience. The credit should show up on your statement in a few days. This is not a common thing, it happens very rarely and never more than once per customer.

We are working very hard to find the glitch but be rest assured you were credited $10.95 and your total net charge was still the $39.95 including shipping.

Again we apologize for the trouble. Please feel free to call any time.

Thank You! - Happy Holidays!

Matthew Wagner


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