The Grand Finale - Will's 9 week Stemulite Trail - results

The Grand Finale - Will's 9 week Stemulite Trail - results

Apologies guys – I’ve been out of action for the last few weeks and haven’t been able to post this. But I hope you all agree that these results are worth the wait!

So, here is a reminder of my Pre-Stemulite measurements:

Height 173cm
Weight 72Kg
Left Arm 32.5cm
Right Arm 32.6cm
Left Thigh 56.5cm
Right Thigh 56.0cm
Chest 100.5cm
Waist 84.6cm
Body Fat Measurements
Bicep 16mm
Tricep 16mm
Subscapular 21mm
Illiac Crest 28mm
Abdomen 18mm
Quadricep 14mm
Calf 15mm
Total mm 128mm
Body Fat % 16%

Now – the ones that REALLY matter – the after:

Height 173cm
Weight 73.5Kg
Left Arm 34.2cm
Right Arm 34.7cm
Left Thigh 58.0cm
Right Thigh 57.9cm
Chest 104.9cm
Waist 81.2cm
Body Fat Measurements
Bicep 10mm
Tricep 12mm
Subscapular 16mm
Illiac Crest 19mm
Abdomen 10mm
Quadricep 10mm
Calf 8mm
Total mm 85mm
Body Fat % 9.8%

Those results are great, to me. But what I found even better was the way I felt! Always had the energy to go a little harder, further, faster. I slept soundly every single night. I seemed to have more time in each day, to fit in that extra workout, or to finish ALL of the work that I needed to do.

All-in-all, THE best supplement that I’ve ever been on. Based on simplicity of taking it and fitting it in each day and the effectiveness of it. It does EXACTLY what it promises and even exceeds on that – absolutely amazing.

Next week, I’m planning on silencing some of the negativity that I encountered from some people whilst explaining the product to them. And after that, I’m intrigued in seeing the effectiveness of the female product that Stemulite offer – I just need to find a willing test subject first.

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